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Deirdre (Dee) Johnson

Rosalind (Roz) Jackson

Vonetta (Tina) Robinson

Detroit Cocoa Bar was originally the brainchild of Deirde Johnson, back in 2018. She found herself reminising about the delicious hot cocoa her mother would make when she was a kid. What a great memory. That nostalgic moment reminded her of the warmth in her hands, the smell of the cocoa, and what an amazing feeling it was when mom made it.  She shared that memory with friend, Rosalind Jackson and the two of them set about trying to recreate that experience.  Then along comes Covid. Before the idea ever truly materialized, everything came to a halt. 

Covid also brought friend, Vonetta Robinson, back to Detroit, to be closer to family. Together the three revisited the idea and began the testing, tasting and developing of what would come to be Detroit Cocoa Bar.

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